Dulce de Leche Snack Squares

Flip it!

So it’s possible to just use a second can of condensed milk? Not an alien and I really like dulce de leche, but I’m not sure that I find it ready-made here in Belgium… 😉

Yum! I haven’t seen these before! I don’t think I eat enough dulce de leche 🙂
Yess. I need this deliciousness in my belly immediately! I love anything with the words “dulce de leche” in it!

I could not use coconut, so just pecans mixed into remaining dough for topping, but these are delicious. I used home made Dulce De Leche and everyone loves them

Ingredients :

1 (14- ounce) box graham crackers, crushed finely
2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

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