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Apple Bread made from scratch with butter, sugar & plenty of fresh apples. Topped with a cinnamon streusel & drizzled with warm vanilla glaze, it’s amazing.

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Oh my goodness! This is an amazing recipe! The batter tastes like cookie dough! The finished product is beautiful! I put the topping on half way through the baking and it did not sink to the middle. I drizzled the top with a light powdered sugar glaze. Looks amazing, tastes amazing. Sold out of them at a recent bakesale, and have also made several loaves as gifts.

This bread is fantastic! Most people like to add their little twist to things, so here’s mine: I doubled the topping portion of the recipe, because I think toppings are the best part, and I was not disappointed with the outcome. I did as another comment suggested, and put it on the bread about halfway through cooking, so that it would not fall into the bread. Although..I really wouldn’t mind if the topping were somehow ‘swirled’ into the bread..I don’t really know how I’d do that though (not some expert chef). Just FYI the topping will more or less harden and form a crust. It won’t be some gooey thing. Because of this, I think next time (there will be a next time!) I will make an icing or glaze or something to drizzle on top of the slices when I serve it. Mostly for presentation; this recipe is by no means lacking in sweetness. Also I think next time I might try using green apples instead of red. The recipe doesn’t specify which to use; I used red apples. While it did turn out yummy, I felt that there could have been more of an apple presence. I really don’t think going heavier on the apples would really solve it, so i’m thinking maybe the tartness of green apples will perhaps make it stand out more. Or maybe just maybe throwing in a little bit of lemon juice?

Delicious and simple. Except for the buttermilk, most of these ingredients are usually on hand. So I just added about a half teaspoon of vinegar to the milk and it worked out as well. I took the reviewer’s advice who suggested putting the topping on half way through the bake time. No sinking at all.

This is the first apple bread I’ve made from this site and it’s great! Like others, I addeed 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon to the batter and added the topping after 20 minutes of baking. The topping didn’t sink in and did form a crust on top. I added a little oatmeal to the strudel mixture and made a glaze from confectioner’s sugar and maple syrup to go over top. Next time I think I will double the amount of apples, but the recipe is fine as is.

As written, a bit bland with only 1/2 tsp cinnamon in the topping. I added 1 tsp cinnamon and 1/2 tsp apple pie spice to the batter and a little pie spice to the topping. Bake time was perfect and the loaves are very pretty. I left the peel on the apple for color and added nutritional value.


1/2 cup softened butter 1 cube
1 cup granulated sugar
2 eggs
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