Easy and Spicy Thai Basil Chicken with Egg

Flip it!

I submitted the orginal recipe and it was changed slightly by the All Recipes staff. Everything is accurate, except that when we serve this we serve it with an over easy egg rather than scrambled. The yolk from the egg is absolutely amazing as it soaks in to the rice and meat. I hope you enjoy the recipe!

Couldn’t find either Thai peppers or Thai basil, so I used serrano peppers and regular basil. This was so full of flavor and so darn easy to make I simply couldn’t believe it. I did use low-sodium soy sauce, but there still may be some folks who think it’s too salty (not us!). Next time, I’ll probably add a little grated carrot to the rice to give it a pop of color, but we really enjoyed this. Garnished with some chopped peanuts and would add them again!

Amazingly tasty and simple. Just made this for the first time last evening and already know we’ll be eating this again soon. I used Serrano peppers and regular basil leaves and the recipe was still great.


2 eggs

11/2 cups cooked white rice

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