Easy Life Meatloaf

Flip it!

This has become my go to meatloaf. The only way to make it better is to smoke it on my smoker. People who don’t know what chili sauce is, it’s been around forever and right by the ketchup in the grocery. Fantastic.

I wasn’t gonna try this because, I didn’t think the super market had ground sausage. Well, they did and this is my new FAVORITE Meatloaf recipe, and it’s easy to make. Super moist and tasty. The sausage does it ! Jo is right !


This was absolutely delicious !!! I used an Asian sweet chili sauce and fresh chives rather than parsley (because those were all I had) and it was phenomenal!!! Made this for my husband and sister for dinner and it’s pretty much gone.

I don’t even like meatloaf but this was awesome! I did add garlic but that was for personal preference. I also used dried parsley as it was all I had on hand. My kids ate it, my parents ate it, there was none left!! Clean plates everywhere! Will be making again for sure!


1 1/2 pounds ground beef
1 egg

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