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Oh so good! A true German potato pancake is “grated” as the recipe states, not shredded. Shredding produces something that’s more like a hash brown. Make sure to not only drain the liquid, but to actually squeeze out the water in a kitchen towel. Time consuming, yes, but well worth the effort.

I loved this recipe due to it’s simplicity and nutritional value. Cooking spray worked well rather than oil to fry. I added herbs and used my food processor.

My first time making potato pancakes – this was a great and simple recipe. Cooked in bacon grease as well – the flavor was outstanding! I will, however, use my Kitchen Aid shredder to shred the potatoes and onion in the future. We had with sour cream and salt and was great also tried the maple syrup on them and they were really good. I really enjoy those recipes that seem to have more of an ‘old time’ feel to them – I can see someone making these while in the bush at an old mining camp.

Mmmm WONDERFUL! I used about 4 tablespoons of flour though b/c my potatoes were fairly large, and added some seasoned salt and nutmeg. Also added some chopped green pepper! YUM!!!

I make these all the time and have been for years. I now use non-fat cooking spray instead of oil. Also i use a mixture of low-fat sour cream and cottage cheese with lots of pepper for topping. Green onions are also really good sprinkled on top. These are the best.

Absolutely delicious! I let the potatos get brown and crispy. I served with sour cream. We had a couple left over for the next day. I reheated them in the toaster oven for a while and they were still fabulous! Thanks for sharing this recipe.


4 cups cold mash potatoes
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
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