Ever Wonder Where All Your Lost Socks Go After a Wash? This Mom Posted a Photo That Might Finally Have Our Answer.

Flip it!

You know what? There are some myths and superstitions that are indeed based on truth. They have withstood time and been told to new generations, and in some cases, have proven themselves to be true.

One of those stories that has become deeply woven into our lives is that of socks getting eaten in the laundry. ‘Tis true! How many sock lives have been lost to your appliances with one spared to keep the legend alive? We know. It’s happened to all of us.

And now the truth can be backed up with photographic evidence. Finding new life on the internet is the picture below taken by Cathy Hinz and posted on Bored Panda. Twitter user Sarah Rose resurrected Hinz’s old post when she shared the photo and captioned it with “…so I no longer feel like a crazy person for losing random socks”.

Hinz described how her husband started tinkering with a washing machine in the community laundry room where they live. It was malfunctioning so he decided to pop it open and discovered the graveyard of single socks nestled in the bottom.

Those weren’t the only things trapped in the greedy machine. Also found were underwear, a credit card, and $7 worth of change. The Today show shared Sarah’s Twitter post and checked in with an expert about hungry washers and dryers.

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