Family Favorite Red Velvet Cake Recipe

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This was a great recipe and it was a great turn out everyone loved it!!!

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I did not make the cake — my 10 year-old nephew did, and it is_absolutely_delicious. It was made yesterday but I just tasted it today. My nephew said it was too dry the first day, but after eating a piece of the day-old cake I can tell you it is dense and moist and delicious and crumbles in that perfect way that great chocolate cake does. Really, really good stuff. I can’t comment on how easy it was to make, however, because even though my nephew is only 10 he’s a genius at everything he does.

This is the most excellent recipe!! I have been looking for it for almost 10 years including the icing. The icing recipe has been my nemisis! I recommend anyone to try it on any cake it’s truly awesome!! Especially on a chocolate or devil’s food cake.

I must admit, I have never made this cake, but I give 5 stars to the icing! This icing is wonderful, I have made it again and again, and it is always a hit.

I am puzzled by the negative reviews for this recipe. I have made this cake at least six times, all with good results. I even made it in a 9X13 pan (I had to increase the baking time of course) and made it into a “spaceship” cake for my 5 year old son who loves this cake. I have found that this cake tastes better after refrigeration for some reason. And, I have found it very important to chill the milk and flour combination for the icing – if the butter melts then the icing consistancy becomes runny. The only “modification” I make to this recipe is that I use Dutch Process Cocoa instead of the regular cocoa, it has a stronger flavor. I think this cake is better than any I’ve had in a restaurant.

I was going to submit this recipe. It’s the same one my Mom always made for birthday’s. I love it. Be careful not to over cook the cake, and while making the frosting keep whisking the milk and flour mixture it’s to easy to get clumpy frosting if you don’t. P.S. I use this frosting for my Whoopie pie recipe too.

I haven’t had Red Velvet Cake since I was a child growing up in South Carolina. I may not remember exactly how it tasted back then, but I do know that this cake was incredibly moist and delicious! My parents loved it so much they took a few slices home and ate them as a midnight snack. To top it off, this cake was easy to make. I will definitely make this again!


1/2 cup shortening
1 1/2 cups white sugar
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