Fantastic Fried Mac and Cheese Balls Recipe

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YUM! I followed this recipe exactly – except the pimento cheese spread only came in 5oz jars, so that’s what I used. I froze the cheese balls for *just* 2 hours and fried them for 5 minutes per batch (at 3 minutes the middle was slightly frozen, 5 minutes was perfect). The recipe is time consuming, but really easy – and a big hit with the boys! Thanks!!

We really enjoyed these! I fried them for 4 minutes and they were cooked through. The only problem I had was that the egg froze quickly before the crumbs could stick after the initial dip. I had to dip and roll twice, but that worked out great. I froze the entire batch (uncoated), then used half the egg and crumbs to coat half the batch. I’ll make the rest in a day or two (or an hour or two). Since I have leftover pimento cheese spread, I may make another batch and keep them frozen. From freezer to fryer is pretty quick. Thanks for submitting this recipe, Erin! It will be enjoyed again and again!

These were really good. Unfortunately, I had to double fry them because initially the middle was still frozen after frying as stated. Next time I would like to make it cheesier and maybe even add bacon. Husband loved them just the way they were and he hates mac and cheese.

These are really good. I made my own pimento cheese minus any pimentos (kids would never eat them if I did). These are rich and the ultimate comfort food, I made them as a side dish but next time I will make them as a main dish. We all loved them and I will be making them again 😉 Thx for the great recipe!! Something I forgot to add is I skipped the fridge step as the cheese cooled it off enough to just scoop with my large cookie scoop and drop on wax paper. I also dredged them in the egg and breadcrumbs twice to get a nice coating. I cooked until deep golden brown. I made the full recipe and froze half. They DO NOT reheat well just like any mac and cheese.

I thought this recipe was awesome… It is so versatile and the possibilities are endless. I’ve used this recipe quite a few times and have altered it in many ways. I love adding diced jalapeno or maybe some different cheeses. Although I must say, when it comes to adding the pimento cheese spread, I recommend that you NOT use the Kraft version. Use the fresh spread that’s usually in the dairy or cheese isle. My kids and fam love this dish any way that I prepare it!! Thanks!


1 (7.25 ounce) package macaroni and cheese mix
2 tablespoons butter
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