Food Storage Container Organization Solved

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So I am sure we have all had some frustrations with food storage containers at one point or another. My food storage container cabinet was a stinkin’ hot mess, so I decided to get a little organized. I decided to combine a couple of different methods I have seen used before. Most of these food storage container organization options can be found at a dollar store and are a great way to get it together! With a file organizer, a dish dry rack, and a bin you too can get your food storage containers in order!

Guys… this seriously wasn’t staged… How sad is this madness? In my defense the lids were more organized a couple days ago, but things got moved around when I needed a bin in the back, and, well, there you have it… madness! Clearly this project was done out of necessity.

-Plastic Bin
Dish Drying Rack
-Office Organizer
-2-3 Screws

STEP 1: Match Up All of Your food storage containers
Make sure all the food storage containers you have has its matching lid… if you are anything like me you will have some random extras that can be tossed out. Some lids I found I had literally never seen. It’s a little ridiculous.

STEP 2: Put Your Lids in the Drying Rack
Once you make sure all of your food storage containers are worth keeping, it is time to start organizing! First, grab your dish drying rack. Take all of your small lids and tuck them into the cutlery drying pocket.

STEP 3: Stack Your Food Storage Containers in Bins
Now grab your bin(s) and stack your food storage containers in the most organized manner you can, and place them in the bin so they fit nicely but also in a neat manner.

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