Food Storage Container Organization Solved

Flip it!

So I am sure we have all had some frustrations with food storage containers at one point or another. My food storage container cabinet was a stinkin’ hot mess, so I decided to get a little organized. I decided to combine a couple of different methods I have seen used before. Most of these food storage container organization options can be found at a dollar store and are a great way to get it together! With a file organizer, a dish dry rack, and a bin you too can get your food storage containers in order!

Guys… this seriously wasn’t staged… How sad is this madness? In my defense the lids were more organized a couple days ago, but things got moved around when I needed a bin in the back, and, well, there you have it… madness! Clearly this project was done out of necessity.


-Plastic Bin
Dish Drying Rack
-Office Organizer
-2-3 Screws

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