Fried potatoes and onions

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Fried potatoes and onions ❤️ This is not the healthiest dish, although it is delicious. For the people who do not like them, the onion is optional. I make it for my family often and the restaurant I work at changed their recipe to this! Add diced tomatoes alongside the onion and garlic for a tasty addition.

Crispy, delicious Pan Fried Potatoes and Onions is a great potato side of fork-tender fried potatoes to complement practically any breakfast or dinner! The potatoes are a versatile side dish that tastes just as good with your eggs as they do with a whole roasted chicken!

Simple but delicious crispy pan fried potatoes and onions are an excellent way to use up potatoes that you have leftover from dinner the night before. Smoked paprika takes these to a whole new level of fantastic!

Fried potatoes and onions INGREDIENTS:

Enough peanut oil to wet the entire bottom of your pan
2 tbsp unsalted sweet cream butter
1 lb Idaho Russet or Red potatoes (I like Reds – but that is just a personal preference)

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