Get Your Tater Chips Ready For This Amazing Horseradish Dip!

Flip it!

Chips, veggies, crackers? It doesn’t matter what you use this dip is off the hook with flavor!
Horseradish has never been my thing. When I was a little girl I had a stuffy nose so my grandpa told me to go into the fridge, open the jar of horseradish, and take a big old sniff. Wowser! My nose and eyes were on fire! My sinuses cleared up pretty quickly, though lol! Anyway, since then, I’ve been turned off by the stinky stuff. That is until I tasted this dip.

You’ll find that making this yummy horseradish dip is a breeze. All you do is mix the ingredients together in a bowl, chill, and there you have it.

Generally, we serve this horsey dip with veggie sticks and potato chips but you can dip whatever tickles your fancy into it. enjoy!

Seriously, you can’t just have a little of this yummy horseradish dip. I recommend eating it with carrot and celery sticks so you don’t feel bad about overindulging on this creamy goodness with a zippy tang. My husband prefers eating it with potato chips. How will you enjoy yours?
I think I’ve just adopted this as my new family dip!


16 oz Philadelphia cream cheese
3 16oz containers Daisy sour cream
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