Great Old Fashioned Chocolate Covered Cherries

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These are SO good. I make them every year for Christmas. One thing though-if you are going to go to all this trouble, please use a good quality chocolate. You’ll never want another chocolate covered cherry from a box.

These are awsome!. I used Bakers semi-sweet dipping chocolate on some and Dolci Frutta(a sweeter fruit dipping chocolate on the others.Next time I make them I plan on soaking the cherries in brandy or southern comfort first,sounds good doesnt it:). Thank you for sharing this recipe.Its a hit.

Out of this world!! I can’t wait to try these out on family and friends on the holidays. These are perfect just the way they are, but next time I’m going to try adding a few drops of mint flavoring to the dough mixture to have chocolate mint cherries,just for something a little different. Also after the first dipping of chocolate( I used Chocolate Almond Bark and it worked really well) try dipping them a second time half way,in melted Vanilla Almond Bark. I think they would look great. Thank you for sharing the recipe.I will be making these alot for special occasions.

I have always wanted to learn how to do these. The recipe is wonderful. I made them on last week, and my sister-in-law wanted to try them and i let her, she wanted to take some with her, and i told her, they had to set for atlease a week or two. So on today i let my husband take some to work and he just could not believe how good they were. I will be making these again and again. Thank you.

Wonderful! I didn’t use stemmed cherries. I made some in my candy mold & the others I just dipped the candy into the chocolate using a fork to manage the candy. *Chocolate needs to be solid around the candy or as it ripens it will leak.

I made these for my friends this Christmas and they loved them! I had to keep my boyfriend from eating them all! Regular-old chocolate chips and wax helps them from turning funny.


60 Maraschino cherries with stems
3 Tbsp. butter, softened
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