Top Turtle Ooey Gooey Cake

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YUMMY!!!! This cake was really easy to make and tasted SO good! I used 2/3 cup evaporated milk and 1/4 cup butter and I got a great consistency with the caramel. Also, I would recommend after baking the first layer to trim the top off, so that the cake remains even because once you pour the caramel on, it tends to pool at the edges. Next time I will definitely do that!

I’ve made this exact recipe for, I hate to say it but, 20 years. The cake is always a hit. The second baking does need to be 25-30 min, to get the center done. This is not a cake to serve hot. It tastes better cooled and then the filling is solidified. A great cake to make the evening before you serve it. My kids love to help unwrap the caramels…of course a few never make it to the cake, but that doesn’t matter. Enjoy!!

Yummy! If you have an Air Bake cake pan, use it for this recipe. It will help keep the first cake layer from forming a raised center…as one other review pointed out, if the cake is raised in the center, the caramel pools into the corners and edges, leaving the center without much of the good stuff. I also used only 1/4 c. butter in the caramel mixture, in fact I wonder if the 3/4 c. is a typo. There’s just no reason for that much butter. I also substituted 1/2 c. milk instead of the 2/3 c. evaporated milk. The caramel mixture seemed alarmingly thin when I first spread it on the cake, but it worked out just fine. Next time I’ll try baking it just a little longer for the second cake layer. It is hard to tell when it’s done, and I don’t think 20 minutes was enough. Regardless, it was a HUGE it at my most recent family gathering! I’m going to make it again this weekend.

Wow, this is great! I took suggestions from the reviews for Turtle Cake II and adjusted the butter/milk mixture to the following: 1/4C. butter, 2/3C. milk and the caramel mixture was thick and delicious. This couldn’t be easier. The only thing that took any time was unwrapping the caramels. Great recipe!!

Very good. I used devils food cake mix as I didn’t have german chocolate. I also used one or two tablespoons less butter than it asked for in the caramel mixture. Delicious.
Some people wondered where the icing on top went. It looks unfinished without something so I sprinkling just a bit of powdered sugar on top.
I was asked to make this again. It’s a hit.


1 box yellow cake mix
1 large egg
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