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Followed the recipe exactly and the candy turned out perfectly. I used flavored salt (almond cardamom and a pink peppercorn and chile salt). Yum! Easy and inexpensive holidays gift for neighbors and coworkers. Making a third batch tomorrow.

I made this recipe last night. I had regular sized pretzels, so I crumbled them up enough to cover the cookie sheet, without crushing them to crumbs. I cooked the caramel for 3 minutes (from a different recipe). The caramel is still a little gooey, so I will definitely cook longer next time. I tried to spread the caramel before baking, but after taking them out of the oven, realized that was a waste because it bubbles up and spreads on its own. I used semi-sweet chocolate and spread with silicone spatula after removing from oven after 1 minute. Then, I forgot the sea salt but didn’t really miss it. The taste is amazing. Three of my favorites in one treat!!!

Easy to follow recipe with delicious results. I followed the recipe exactly and the caramel came out perfect; soft not brittle like toffee and without being a runny mess as others have described. I think the key is waiting for it to thicken and removing it from heat as soon as it gets thick.

Yummy and so easy! I let my butter and sugar mixture boil on medium heat for 8 minutes. After pouring it over the pretzels, I found putting it in the oven for 5 minutes sort of allowed the mixture to spread itself evenly over the pretzel, filling in the gaps! After sprinkling semi-sweet chocolate chips and returning them to the oven as directed, I took a knife and gently spread them on top of the rest. I Let them cool off in the fridge for an hour as instructed and they were the perfect hardness to break them into portions! The don’t last very long around here.

This is so yummy and easy to make! I made two batches. The first one I mixed the chocolate to coat everything like the recipe said. The second batch I just let it melt and lightly spread it – I did not mix. I liked the way it looked better without mixing so I will do it that way again. I also put it in the refrigerator before breaking into pieces. Hard not to eat each piece as I broke it all apart!

I prefer to keep this in the freezer (& sneak out a piece at a time!). I have made it many times and the butter and sugar don’t seem to look like much until about minute 5 or 6. By minute 8 it is nice and frothy. I lay parchment paper on my cookie sheet. Freeze overnight before breaking into pieces (then it is easy and not sticky). I have brought it to many potlucks & it is always super popular. Addictive!


2 sticks of butter
1 cup of light brown sugar
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