Here’s How to Get Tomato Stains Out of Containers

Flip it!

Have you ever packaged up tomatoes or tomato sauce after dinner? You don’t want those leftovers to go to waste, of course. But after you’ve used up that extra sauce or eaten that one last slice of lasagna, you’ve probably noticed something funny about your plastic container.

Namely? That funny red/orange tint that’s staining the inside, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get out.

Seriously, you can scrub your heart out, you can run that container through a million dishwasher cycles, but nothing will ever bring back your nice, clean plastic container. It’ll always have that rusty-looking ring around it, or worse, be completely stained inside.

Well, sauce-lovers, it turns out there are ways to reverse these tomato stains! They require a little more work than just sticking the container in the dishwasher for the fourth time in a row, but they’re much more effective. You can try one technique on its own or maybe a couple together if that stain is really tough.

Method #1: Chlorine Bleach

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