homemade kit kat bars

Flip it!

My son and I made this tonight. And despite us forgetting to put milk in with the butter and sugars, still turned out delicious. Thinking perhaps bottom would have covered if would have used the milk.?.
Everyone loved them….but I would change the name to “Homemade Nutty Butty Bars”. My (& my family’s) opinion anyway.
Anyway, keep your recipes coming…you make me look awesome at dinnertime.

I love them and keep them in the freezer so I dont eat them all at once. I was alitlle confused by your nutrition information. Is 276 calories for one? Thank you for letting me know

Made two batches of these and they turned out super yummy! For one batch I followed the exact recipe, but for the second, I mixed some of the graham cracker crumbs with the sugar and some butter before mixing everything else together and it ended up getting super carmelized, so I would reccomend doing that if you’re looking for a little something extra! Also added some vanilla and hazelnut extract to the caramel


76 club crackers
1-3 pound – 3 sticks – unsalted butter

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