Hot Flashes Don’t Always Mean Menopause. Here Are 7 Other Things That Cause Hot Flashes.

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Typically, when we think of hot flashes, we think of older women going through menopause. Think about it: How many times when you’re sweaty have you joked, “Ha, this must be what menopause feels like?”

Something most people don’t know is that there are actually so many other things besides menopause that can cause hot flashes.

First of all, what is a hot flash for real?

You might suddenly feel warmth spreading throughout your face, your heart might suddenly beat through your chest, and your skin can become flushed. Once it’s gone, you might find yourself pretty sweaty (yet simultaneously chilly) and even have to change your shirt.

While they are most common in women going through menopause, they can happen to anyone, anywhere, and can occur at any time of the day, during any type of activity, Nope, it doesn’t discriminate.

Here are a few reasons you might be experiencing a hot flash, other than menopause:

1-You have a lot of anxiety.

Whether you have an anxiety disorder or you’re just an overly anxious person, people with anxiety tend to get more hot flashes than those without it. Things like a racing heart and feeling physically stressed – symptoms of anxiety – can set off a hot flash. Your doctor or a cognitive behavioral therapist might be able to help if you can’t keep your anxiety at bay, and thus, the hot flashes.

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