How To Cook Million Dollar Meatballs When You’re On A Budget

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Shh! The Secret Is In The Sauce!

I have been making meatballs the same way for about 15 years, I guess. It is a recipe I got from my mother and when you pop one of those in your mouth, it’s almost impossible to stop until they’re all gone.
However, lately I’ve been wanting to try all kinds of different flavors, combined to the most traditional recipes. My mother’s meatballs are savory and delicious and I have no doubt I will be making them for the rest of my life. But this recipe that my sister-in-law gave me looked so tempting, that I simply had to give in.
I made these for dinner last week and they were a huge success! My teenage daughter is crazy about sweet and sour food, so obviously she loved these. My husband usually isn’t a fan of these kinds of flavors so I was wondering what he would say about these. He really enjoyed them! He even asked when we were going to have these again – wow!
Sarah had some great suggestions for tweaking the recipe to your taste, and you’ll find them in the instructions. I’m so happy I decided to give these a try!

I never would have thought of making meatballs this way so I’m glad my sister-in-law insisted I make them. I believe it’s the combination of chili sauce and brown sugar that makes these so delicious!

If you’re not a fan of chili sauce, don’t worry – there are several variations included in the instructions. For example if you don’t have matzo meal you can simply use bread crumbs, or even oatmeal. Of course you can also add any kind of seasonings, if you’d like, but I thought the recipe was spot on just like this!


1 lb ground beef
McCormick garlic powder
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