How To Make The Japanese pancake | Easy Steps

Flip it!

Absolutely delicious! I recommend not eating the pancakes with syrup since they are already pretty sweet. I used cookie cutters as molds and they work perfectly I was also able to make the pancakes in fun shapes!
Thank you so much for the incredible recipe for these japanese souffle pancackes!I mad them for my father, who could not eat, because he got 4 of his frontteeth out. After I made him these pancakes, he was so thankfull and ate them deliciously. He was realy in love with them. Thanks again!! ^^

It was so good and customizable. I actually made 1 batch savory w/ garlic & parmesan topped w/ bechamel sauce and 1 batch of sweet cafe latté flavor. The savory one was so good that my son ate 2 in 5 min. I will double the batches next time. The sweet ones were just as good. No topping needed. I made this recipe in the silicone molds that i asked you about on youtube. I tagged you on instagram already and please don’t mind my black pancakes. They’re not burnt just got espresso powder & that cause it looks black. It is super fluffy. It is perfect to make in those molds, easy to flip and ensuring cook all the way through.

Thanks so much for this awesome recipe. It made it easier to flip and simply let cooled in the mold for 10 min after cooked. It releases easily and only the flip side not as smooth as the side in the mold. Aside from that, it’s awesome. Thanks for the perfect recipe for those molds. Will tag you again next time i make the savory ones.


– 3/4 cup + 1 tbsp Flour
– 1/4 tsp Baking Soda

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