If You Rub Epsom Salt in Your Hair, You Might Notice a Few Incredible Things

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There are some common household items we just can’t get enough of— vinegar, lemons, dryer sheets, even nail polish! Now to that list of multitasking masters, we’re adding a new one: Epsom salts! Just check out all the incredible ways to use it to care for your home and yourself.

1- Organize your make-up brushes.

Image of makeup brushes in container.
One of the best, easiest and most popular ways to organize makeup brushes is to settle them into a container with a soft, granular filling. While rice is the one you might see most often, we prefer to use Epsom salts for easier clean-up and for the safety of our pets.

2- Remove splinters.

Remove splinters with Epsom salt
You don’t need to yank those painful pieces of wood out with tweezers anymore! Just apply salt to skin around the wound, and it’ll help pull it to the surface for much easier removal.

3- Make a DIY room spray.

woman spray room spray in bathroom
Want to make your home smell lovely but don’t want to shell out the cash for one from the store? Make your own! Epsom salts are an essential ingredient in this DIY version. Combine it with running water and your favorite citrus essential oils, and your house will be filled with your favorite scents!

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