If You Use One Tea Bag You Will Never See Spiders Or Mice In Your House Again

Flip it!

We all want to feel comfortable in our homes, but there are times when we can feel violated. I’m not talking about another person coming in, I’m talking about little critters, such as mice and spiders. If you have those unwelcome visitors, fixing it is as easy as using a bag of tea. The type of tea you would use is Peppermint.

Why Do Spiders Come?

September begins the mating season for spiders, which brings the males on a hunt which can lead him indoors. Therefore, spider infestations are more common in the fall. They enter primarily through open or poorly screened windows and doors, and through gaps and cracks around the panes. They also hitchhike in boxes or outdoors items you bring inside. Sometimes spiders enter looking for food and prey. Beware of open food containers during an invasion.

Why Do Mice Come?

Don’t think you have an unclean household or something is decaying in the basement. Rodents are scavengers. They seek shelter and food wherever they can find it. If your home is available, they are moving in.

Some things do attract them like, your accessible outdoor garbage cans or compost bins, nuts and fruits in the yard from trees, your pet’s outdoor food and water dishes, or a birdfeeder. Find rodent-proof containers for these uses.

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