If Your Dog Does Any of These 9 Things, It Means “I Love You”

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How do you know if your dog loves you? Let’s figure out the signs! We can never be entirely sure what our fur babies are really thinking. Sometimes it seems like they speak perfect English, and other times their behavior is totally inexplicable. Sometimes their devotion to their families is obvious, and other times— well, we wonder if they really just like the food. So how can we tell if their puppy love is real? Check out this list! If your dog loves you . . .

He licks your face.

Yes, this behavior disgusts a lot of people, but come on— our dogs don’t know what germs are! He just knows that he wants to groom you, and grooming is a definite sign of a pup’s love and devotion. It’s a sign of intimacy that only happens when your dog feels a strong bond, so even if you’re not really OK with the licking, at least be flattered that you’re loved!

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