INCREDIBLE Baked Chicken Chimichangas

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Excellent! Fast and easy too. My husband just said “five stars” and “super delicious” when I asked him how he would rate it. Definitely a repeat.

We live in New Mexico and I can definitely say that these are restaurant quality chimichangas! Everything turned out wonderful. I added a roma tomato to the mixture as well as some garlic salt and pepper. These are so good that we agreed to put them on our weekly menu!

What a wonderful, healthy dish! Thumbs up, around the table. “Yummy little bundles,” said my mother. “Chimichangas have to be fried,” said my son before lunch, then “oh man, these are REALLY good!!!!”
The only change I made was using olive oil instead of margarine to brush the shells in the oven. Came out crisp, just like fried!Thanks ever so much for giving me a new addition to my repetoire!

I’ve made this with about every leftover we’ve had — meatballs, broken into pieces; chicken, pork, canned roast beef. It never fails to make a wonderful meal. Do add extra seasonings (cilantro, cumin, garlic powder). My big change — they leak onto the cookie sheet, so now fold the corners up and over, and secure with two toothpicks — spray the cookie sheet with Pam, and brush the tops with olive oil. No more leaky chimis! Thanks again for posting this recipe — it really is a winner.

Excellent! I used canned chicken and added more salsa and more cheese to the filling. Topped with cheese and black olives during the last few minutes of cooking (it took more like 40 minutes for me). Put some sour cream on top (after they were cooked) and used the sauce from “Baked Chicken Chimichangas” recipe

Absolutely amazing! I did add some Mexican Rice into these… These are perfect with the perfect heat and texture! My husband (not easy to please!) absolutely loves them and says they are Chuy’s quality! Thank you so much for sharing!

These were very good! My kids ate them in record time and asked if there would be any leftovers! This makes a great dinner when you’re pressed for time. It came together so fast! I used rotisserie chicken breast that I picked up marked down half price at Kroger, so it made for a cheap meal, too. Adding the sauce over the top at the end was a nice way to keep them from being too crispy. I just added a little sour cream when I served it, and it was great! Some fat-free refried beans and some Spanish rice on the side would make this a great Mexican meal!


1 package 8 oz cream cheese

1 package shredded pepper jack cheese
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