Instant Pot® Baked Black Beans

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Wow!! These are fantastic!! Followed exactly. Worked out swimmingly. I’ll never make beans a different way. Thanks for the great recip

I used the 6qt duo and cooked 1lb navy beans I did soak for a couple hours and then followed directions to cook them. They were quite soft and a little overdone but ok. I have my own recipe I use, carrot, onion, celery, apple which I chop fine and make sauce of brown sugar, molasses, tomato paste, vinegar, course mustard, salt, ground cloves, bay leaf. Followed the rest of your recipe and beans turned out delicious .

My precious comment did not include what I rated the recipe as. I would like to add a 5 star rating. Excellent recipe.

Made this recipe many times in the 6 qt duo with certain modifications and have told many family/friends that I would buy an IP just for the ease of making baked beans alone. The no soaking is such a bonus…although I only cook 20 minutes on high pressure and 10 minutes with other ingredients as I don’t like mushy beans. I also save some of the water from the first phase to add to second phase, as this was how I did bb before the IP. I use white navy or great northern beans interchangeably with no issues and use maple syrup, molasses, little chunks of smoked ham/cured meat, no onions (spouse’s preference), ketchup, bbq sauce , any type mustard, liquid smoke, apple cider vinegar,no salt as other ingredients have enough sodium.

The beans themselves turned out very good. No pre-soaking necessary. I’m not sure what kind they were as my husband had brought them home from work.I made some changes (out of necessity) that made the sauce a little less tasty. I will probably use more bbq sauce and less ketchup next time, as I don’t’like the taste of ketchup.Red onion instead of yellow (only onion I had) and 2 T red wine vinegar and 2 T white wine vinegar because I was out of apple cider. I’m sure these things made it not quite as tasty.BUT, I thought it was still really good and will follow the recipe more closely next time.


6 slices Turkey bacon strips, cut into1-inch pieces

6 ounces smoked sausage, diced

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