Instructions for Growing and Taking Care of Aloe Vera in Your Home and its Healing Properties!

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Aloe vera is known as a miraculous plant with plenty of health benefits. The plant is called “a heavenly blessing”, “the elixir of life”, “a miracle herb” and “the life plant”. But, did you know that you can grow aloe vera in your home?

You can benefit from its natural healing properties, by using this guide we’ve prepared for you!


Heat is the most important factor in growing the plant. Your room temperature should be around 20 C°, so that you can grow aloe vera in your home and it can blossom properly. The plant also has a resting stage of 3 weeks, during which the room temperature should be 20 C°.

The aloe plant needs a lot of light exposure, so if you can’t place it where it will get enough natural light you can use growing lights. If the leaves start getting dry, this is a sign that your plant doesn’t get enough light.

Aloe vera should be carefully watered. Its leaves are sharp and sensitive, so you should firstly spray them lightly and then use a handkerchief to spread the water around the leaves. You should water it regularly, depending on its size. They start turning white, when you are probably doing something wrong.


A single leaf of aloe vera contains over 240 nutritious and healing ingredients, like: vitamins, enzymes, sugars, lignins, saponines, sterols, amino acids, salicylic acid, etc. No other plant contains so many ingredients that are good for the health! So, imagine if you start growing aloe vera in your home?

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