Japanese cake recipe

Flip it!

Japanese Cheese cake INGREDIENTS:

3 Egg(60g+-5g with the shell )
Milk 40g
Caster Sugar 40g
Unsalted butter 30g
Cream cheese 100g
Cake flour 30g

Water bath baking method:

150°C/302°F(Cover with aluminium foil )50 minutes
160°C /320°F 20 minutes
Bottom or middle-lower rack of the oven
Adjust according to your own oven

Cheese cake DIRECTIONS:

Cream cheese, butter and milk, heat in a container that placed inside the boiling water, to the condition that you can’t see any grain at all.

Take the mixing bowl from the hot water, put the yolk in, stir them quickly ( not mixing, just stir them), filter in the flour, nicely stir them together.

The bowl MUST be clean, which means no oil no water.

Put in the white part of the egg that froze for 10mins, add in all the caster sugar in once.

mix until the white part is smooth and bright, you see ripple looking texture on the surface, and the mixture will form a hook when you take the mixer out from the mixture.

For the mixer, the first half of process you turn it to the medium-high speed, and the rest half you turn it to medium or medium-low speed for mixing. If you use high speed all the way, the white part of the egg will be very rough, which will make the tissue of the cake rough as well, influence the softness and richness of the cake later on.

Enjoy your Japanese cheese cake

Adapted from recipelogy