Flip it!

Fried candy bars have become a state fair staple. Kit Kat egg rolls makes the candy bar even crispier and with extra chocolate they become even better! Kit Kat lovers will go crazy for this simple treat.

When it comes to guilty pleasure foods, fried candy bars are definitely at the top of our list. Once upon a time, these insanely good snacks could only be enjoyed while spending a day outside at the fairgrounds. But why wait for a special occasion when making them at home is so simple?

As for which candy bar to surround with crispy deliciousness, we found a confection combination that’s a match made in sweet-tooth heaven: Kit Kat Fries.

Can you imagine it? First, you have the already amazing crispy cookie middle surrounded by creamy chocolate. Then, you add a hot, sweet, flaky fried blanket around it until the ingredients blend together into something even greater than a simple candy bar.


Kit Kats.. one per fry

Egg Roll wrappers.. large

1 egg and a splash of water mixed up for egg wash..

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