[PHOTOS] Surface of Louisiana Man Driving with Giraffe in Truck Bed

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In a peculiar sighting, a man from North Louisiana has been spotted driving around Shreveport and even on the highway, with an enormous giraffe resting in the back of his truck.

Numerous photos of this unusual sight have emerged on social media, leaving some to question whether the giraffe is a living creature or merely a stuffed replica.

While undoubtedly captivating, it is important to ensure that such spectacles do not cause distractions on the roads in various parts of Shreveport, Louisiana.

One photo captures the man’s visit to Popeyes, while another, found on Facebook, shows him cruising down a road with this peculiar “attraction” secured in the truck bed.

Rest assured, the giraffe is not real, and the man responsible for this eye-catching display may have been commemorating “National Giraffe Day.”

Indeed, June 21st is designated as “National Giraffe Day,” and it appears that this man may have eagerly awaited this occasion for quite some time.

Below, you will find additional photos of the giraffe that has sparked conversations throughout North Louisiana today.