Flip it!

This is an excellent cake. Made it just as recipe instructed. You need to have oven preheated when making this cake. It needs to go into the oven as quickly as possible, while the batter is still warm. I think it rises better that way.

Quick and easy to make. I used chai instead of milk to turn it into a chai cake. I added some spices with the dry ingredients too. It’s a bit sweet, so I paired it with a less sweet icing. I think cream cheese icing or icing made of instant pudding mix and thickened cream would be nice.

My mother made this when I was growing up in the ’30s & ’40s; her recipe is almost exactly the same as this one. She filled the layers and topped the cake with what I know now was a thick lemon curd. Delicious!

This recipe has become a family favorite. I’m making it today for my daughter’s 22nd birthday. When I told her, she was overjoyed! This cake is absolutely delicious. No frosting at all. It’s so quick to make that I can throw it into the oven after dinner, and have a delicious dessert in no time. I don’t let it cool too much, because we think it tastes best when it is hot.

Made this cake. It was great. Topped it with brown sugar frosting. Everyone loves it. Everyone must try brown sugar frosting. Just cut the powdered sugar in half and it has the perfect amount of sweetness.


one 1/2 cups significant light whipping cream
one (12 fluid ounce) will concentrate

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