Mini Pancake Kabobs

Flip it!

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This recipe was fantastic! I added frozen blueberries to the chocolate chips and it was even better! This recipe makes me realize I don’t need pancake mix to make wonderful pancakes.

I cut the milk back by a quarter cup and soured the milk with a little lemon juice. I also cut the baking powder back to a teaspoon and a half (I did not want the prominent flavor of these pancakes to be baking powder). The pancakes turned out light and fluffy. I got six medium sized pancakes out of one recipe–the kids ate them all.

Very nice! Used one heaping tbsp of sugar and only had regular chocolate chips. No matter…the kids still gobbled them up.

I was worried at first with how thin the batter was and how flat the pancakes first looked when I poured them, so after the first few I added maybe 1/4 c. more of flour. Comparing the two I think I actually like the original recipe best. The original pancakes puffed up nicely, and although still a bit thin, had a lighter more tender, eggy taste. The ones with added flour are thicker, but not as tender, and the flour taste dominates more. The recipe is great as is! Don’t be thrown off by the super thin batter.

This recipe was good, but I did make some minor changes. I reduced the milk to 3/4 cup and added a tablespoon of vinegar to it. I also reduced the baking powder to 1-1/2 t. Next time I think I will reduce the chocolate chips, as it was almost too much for my personal tastes. Thanks for sharing this recipe, OLIVIA, it was a big hit at our house!

Try using a packet of hot chocolate to add to the mix of dry ingredients, yum!


1 small bottle Bisquick™ Shake ‘n Pour™ pancake mix
1 small jar Nutella®
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