Mocha Brownies with Coffee Frosting

Flip it!

These are the best brownies that I’ve tasted. Got this from a friend at work and now I make them all the time.

These had great flavor, but just a bit too cakey for me. Personal preference.

A real crowd pleaser! Made a few of my own twists though 🙂 also very good as a cinnamon blondie with French vanilla coffee frosting!

I made these in a 7×11 pan which did change cook time, but i started at 30 minutes and checked for consistency every 7 minutes or so. They came out fudgy in the middle, chewy on the outsides, and had a crisp crust on top, i would definitely recommend adding extra coffee for standard instant coffee for a stronger flavor, but they came out absolutely delicious without any added frosting (opted for no frosting on the first go round). I added chocolate chips over the top before i put it in the oven, and it added a really good extra chocolate flavor to them. definitely will be making these again 🙂

These were really good. I don’t know why people thought they were cakey- With the high concentration of fat and lack of leavening, I don’t see how they had any choice but to be fudgey. And they were! I used a cup of strong coffee in place of the granules and water in the brownies. I mixed half a cup of baking cocoa to the frosting with the powdered sugar. I also used strait coffee instead of the granules and milk until it was of spreading consistency, as well as a couple of pinches of salt.


1/2 cup shortening
1/2 cup butter
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