Mom Gives a Chilling Warning After Her Child Was Nearly Abducted From a Highway Rest Stop

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It’s sad to say, but sometimes we have to assume the worst about people. When it comes to our kids, small doses of paranoia mixed with vigilance can make a difference when fending off predators.

Yeah, predators of the inhumane human kind. Earlier this month, a mom issued a warning through her Facebook page about an incident while traveling. She stopped at a rest stop with her daughter while driving from Ohio to Indiana, and something just felt off.

Sometimes, when strangers speak, we give a quick nod or greeting, but it sounds like these folks were doing way too much and red flags started popping up. Details are in the woman’s post:

“PSA: so we are driving home from Cincinnati and got off at a rest stop for a quick bathroom break. Just my daughter and I went inside (i didn’t have my phone or purse on me). As we were walking in some lady who appeared to be on something, was trying to talk to my daughter, I held her hand the entire way in and walked swiftly ahead. As the lady was trying to talk to us she was also lighting a cigarette which she immediately extinguished upon us entering building. We went to far end handicap stall and went in together. I heard the lady enter and she was talking to another lady about us heard her say “the little girl”,…

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