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FYI… You can make these a lot healthier by replacing the oil with APPLESAUCE and using all whole wheat flour. Some recipes work with these subsitutions, some don’t… but my friend made the healthy version of these for me, and I couldn’t stop eating them!!! (so in the end, the nutritional value was probably the same since I was a muffin hog, but you get the point) TASTY!!!

I cut out the the oil almost completely using only a 1/4 cup, and 3/4 unsweetened applesauce. Omitted the raisins and coconut, and replaced it with dried currants, and dried blueberries and dried cranberries. Excellent. FYI : 2 cups of grated carrots = 2 medium sized carrots:)

These were delicious. I just chopped the apples and the carrots together in my mini food processor and it wasn’t time consuming at all. Plus, it made the muffin more appealing to my picky 3 year old, who might have been discouraged by the carrot chunks! 2 cups= +/- 3 medium carrots UPDATE- For those doing WW, this is 10 points each if you make 12 muffins and copy the recipe word for word.

If you omit the walnuts (10.5 points) and use 1 cup of applesauce (2 points) instead of 1 cup of oil (57 points!!!) that will bring each muffin to 4 points, and it’s still just as delicious. I love grabbing one of these for a healthy breakfast just before running out the door. 🙂

Fantastic! I love the cafe bought Morning Glory muffins, and it was nice to finally be able to duplicate them at home! Using the review advice, I substituted half a cup of applesauce for the oil, which worked great.

A word of warning though if opting not to use the oil; do not sure paper muffin pan liners, as they will stick to the muffins. Also cut sugar in half, and it wasn’t missed. I got creative with add ins, adding in some dried cranberries and sunflower seeds. These were amazing! Thank you SO much for sharing this recipe!

Very good, I cut out half the oil and used some crushed pineapples w/ juice.

Loved these! Subbed whole wheat flour and brown sugar for a healthier muffin, plus I added a banana; couldn’t tell the difference. This recipe has so many good things for you in the ingredient list you don’t feel guilty at all for having two. Thanks Debbie!


2 cups (260g) whole wheat flour1 (measured correctly)
2 teaspoons baking soda

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