Most Popular Tea Bags Contain Dangerous Amounts of Deadly Pesticides (Try To Avoid This Brands)

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Unfortunately, we are living in a world which is full of dangerous chemicals, toxins, and pesticides, which seriously endanger our health and wellbeing.

Pesticides are all around us, from the food we purchase and consume to the school playgrounds, streets, and parks.

In order to reduce or avoid the harmful side-effects of the dangerous chemicals, you should incorporate some lifestyle changes. First of all, you should always buy home-grown and organic foods, and still, wash the bought food items before consumption.

However, apparently, we cannot completely avoid the negative influence of these toxic pesticides.

A recent research discovered increased levels of these harmful chemicals in the most popular brands of tea bags, like Lipton, Twinings, and Tetley.

The CBC News investigated the tea bags produced by the most popular companies worldwide, such as:

Lipton (Yellow Label Black Tea and Pure Green Tea)
Uncle Lee’s Legends of China (Jasmine Green Tea and Green Tea)
No Name
Red Rose
King Cole

The research team examined the pesticide amount in the dry tea leaves in an accredited lab, with the method used by the National Food Inspection Agency.

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