My Mom’s Good Old Potato Salad

Flip it!

Your recipe is awesome! You have so much class in handling the very few negative comments. Those people ought to be ashamed and not bother to comment at all. Especially given your time and effort in sharing such delicious recipes. I’m embarrassed for the few negative comments here. This recipe is definitely a keeper in my kitchen! Thank you for sharing!

I always thought my mom made the best potato salad in the world. I was so surprised at church one day when everyone was discussing potato salad– I had no idea people felt so strongly about it! EVERYONE thought their wife, mother, sister, etc. made the BEST potato salad. I think the bottom line is that people like what they grew up with. My mom passed away years ago and, even though I watched her make it many times, mine just isn’t quite as good. So, to the lady who says her daughter’s is the best, I understand. Potato salad, it seems, is a very personal thing when it comes to defining “the best.”

think we need to have a Best Potato Salad showdown! Ours are pretty similar though – yukon golds, lots of eggs, mayo, green onions. I’m curious about the celery seed, may have to try that the next time I make mine.


5 pounds potatoes, peeled and chopped
10 eggs

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