Nana’s Fruit Salad

Flip it!

Very true! I think many folks just simply forget how privileged they are. They may not think they are privileged but compared to others – they really are! We have to step back and realize that not everyone can afford a $15 bottle of Madagascar vanilla. But at the same time, we ALL deserve a little sweet dessert, right? I don’t even publish those judgy comments anymore. It only hurts others who read this blog and once someone posts something negative, it becomes a “herd” mentality and everyone jumps on and agrees and it just gets worse. It’s like that on social media. Once you let one person get a negative word in – it all becomes too much. We keep it positive and nonjudgmental here. It’s the safe space on the internet – ha!

I made this recipe for a Christmas brunch, and it was delicious! I would make it again for sure, but I would probably put in fresh mandarin oranges, because they fell apart, and I would put in less juice from the fruit cocktail in the cream cheese mixture. The recipe wasn’t specific, so I may have put in too much, thinking “this seems a little thick and more seems to be making it creamier.” The salad was a little on the watery side (that could have resulted from the canned mandarin oranges too).

Made an excellent pot-luck dish (although must remember to put bananas in directly before serving – and it’s not as good without them). Also added some vanilla sweetener (sugar-free Splenda syrup/coffee flavoring) and some coconut.

Thank you for responding! I am looking for this recipe but one without mayo or cream cheese. I hope this site comes up and tests other variations of this recipe!
Anyone who calls me a mess is my new friend. That describes me perfectly!! LOL!

I wonder if the bananas could be put into the orange juice to prevent them from turning brown? (Just a thought, since lemon juice prevents apples from turning brown). Not sure if it would work but just wondering.
Great recipe, Brandie!! My coworkers loved it! Thanks for the recipe!

\Amy, I see and hear it everyday. I suppose it must be gratifying for some people who have the luxury to look down on others who choose differently from them (whether by choice or by financial circumstances). I am too old for that nonsense! LOL


2 3oz packages cream cheese
1 cup mayonnaise.

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