No Scrubbing Needed With This Homemade Tub Cleaner

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No Scrubbing Needed With This Homemade Tub Cleaner

The sink basin in the kitchen is exposed to dirt from food residues and washing dishes, and if it is not cleaned constantly, it will be vulnerable to the formation of bacteria and mold, and sometimes this dirt can cause a clogging in the kitchen sink, and this blockage is annoying to the housewife as it impedes her work, and there are many The methods that can be used to clean the kitchen sink, we will explain in this article.

The best way to wipe out the kitchen sink is to use the washbasin plunger, by following the following steps:

Fill half or a quarter of the kitchen sink with hot water.

Putting the piston on the sink drain, and pressing it continuously and quickly up and down, and it is indicated that if you have a double basin, you must make sure to close the drain or the mouth of the other basin with a piece of cloth, so that the pressure of the piston is concentrated on the mouth of the closed basin.

Lift the plunger off the nozzle to ensure that drainage has been completed successfully.

Repeat the previous steps until the success of the process.

Using the wire Using the wire is done by following the following steps:

Open the cabinet for extensions to the kitchen sink, and put a bucket under the pipes to catch the dripping water.

Unscrewing the curved tube in the form of an arc, which is located at the meeting point of the tube connected vertically and the tube connected horizontally, as it is indicated that these tubes can be removed by using hands or using a wrench. Clean the pipe from water or dirt stuck in it that caused the sink to clog.

Pouring hot water into the basin and making sure that the operation was successful after connecting the tube, and it is indicated that if the process fails, the horizontal pipes must be loosened, and try to clear the hole inside the wall by inserting a 46 cm wire into it to get rid of the stuck dirt.

Pour the hot water back into the tubes to make sure they are fully opened. Using a clothes hanger A metal clothes hanger can be used, opened to form a long wire, and then inserted into kitchen pipes to clear the dirt stuck to it.