No-Yeast Cinnamon Rolls

Flip it!

These were so easy to make! I followed the recipe exactly except for the dimensions of rolled out dough. I wasn’t too worried about the appearance of mine, so I just rolled it and cut slices from that. Instead of baking in a muffin tin, I lined a cookie sheet with parchment paper. I used a basic glaze (combine 1/2 cup powdered sugar, 2 teaspoons milk, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla). Will definitely make these again!

Have you ever made homemade cinnamon rolls?They. Are. GOOD.

As in capital G, capital O, capital O, capital D, good. But they’re definitely not quick. And we wouldn’t call them easy. There’s rising, and rolling, and more rising… and you know as well as we do that a cinnamon roll is a hard thing to wait for. That’s not to say they’re not worth that effort, but what if there was an easier way? What if instead of waiting hours to sink your teeth into that doughy, sticky, sweet, cinnamony roll, you only had 20 minutes of prep work ahead of you? That sounds pretty great, huh?

These cinnamon rolls are AMAZING!!! So light and fluffy, not overly sweet, and super easy. Even better with icing. (Hint: Add the icing while cinnamon rolls are still warm. It almost melts into the cinnamon rolls. So good!) And don’t let the apple cider vinegar discourage you. I doubled the recipe and they were all gone within an hour. I will totally triple the recipe next time. I cannot believe how delicious and easy these are. So hard to stop eating this cinnamon goodness. Would give it 10 stars! Only thing is, why does this only make 4?! I’ve doubled the recipe every time and gotten 9 cinnamon rolls. I pay my little brother a nickel to help me, haha. I love how little time it takes to make.(Who has time in the morning to wait hours for dough to rise?).I’m definitely not a pro baker, (I’m only 12!), but these always turn out perfectly. 🙂

Well, friends, we’ve answered that call.

Here is a homemade cinnamon roll that requires no yeast and no rising. It’s in the oven in just 20 minutes of effort (that’s less than an episode of your favorite TV show) and it’s still as satisfyingly soft, sweet, and cinnamony as you could ever want a doughy roll to be. As far as we’re concerned, these rolls are a dream come true.

So easy and simple to make. I topped them with a powdered sugar and milk glaze. They were very good even without the glaze.

This was wonderful – a keeper for sure. My very pregnant daughter-in-law requested cinnamon rolls when I visit later this month, but I’ve never tried to make the original yeast-based ones. And now I never will! These worked just as promised, and were quick and easy with just basic ingredients I had on hand. They taste wonderful! Instead of using a muffin tin I put them in a small Pyrex dish touching each other. As a result they took longer to bake, but were easy to get out. Thanks for this wonderful recipe!


For the dough:
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for rolling out dough
3 tablespoons granulated sugar
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