OMG Oven Fried Potatoes

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Potatoes also have a whooping 80% of the daily requirement of vitamin C, more potassium than that found in bananas and more antioxidants than most vegetables. To take better advantage of the nutritional richness of this tuber, whenever possible the potatoes should be cooked with the skin intact so that they retain the nutrients that could be lost during cooking. The skin itself is a great source of soluble fiber.

It’s hard to believe these crispy potatoes came out of the oven. The potatoes are cubed and oven-fried to golden perfection with some garlic and chunks of onion. Due to the high temperature, the surface of the potatoes comes out golden brown and crispy.

Crispy, rich red potatoes roasted with onion and turkey bacon. These are really yummy, and great with steak…don’t skimp on the butter.

The potatoes are not only easy to prepare, they won’t leave grease spatters all over your stovetop, and cleanup is a breeze. Line the baking pan with foil for an even easier cleanup. To cut back on fat, spray the pan or foil with nonstick cooking oil spray, and reduce the olive oil and butter by half.


5 pounds red potatoes, thinly sliced
1 onion, finely chopped

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