Orange Pastry Cream

Flip it!


150ml milk

100ml orange juice

40 g corn starch

65g sugar

2 yolks

2 tbsp orange zest


Put the milk, the zest and half the sugar in a pot and bring it to a simmer until it is about to boil. We constantly stir.

Once ready, we put the cornstarch, the rest of the sugar, the yolks and the juice in a bowl and beat well until everything is integrated. Pour half of the milk with the hot orange juice into the mixture, beating without stopping for a minute.

While the milk is on the minimum heat, pour the mixture into the milk and beat without stopping until it takes consistency (about 4 minutes approx).

Transfer this to a container and cover with plastic wrap. We take to the refrigerator once cold for at least an hour. To use it you have to beat it and it is ready to use