Pandan chiffon

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I love their walnut cake and some of their sugee cookies.. its really flavorful . The airport branch is convenient for getting souvenirs.
Cookies and kueh( cakes) from one of most unique culture in Singapore, Peranakan. A gift of the cookies or cakes never fail to please my friends when I travel overseas. You can get them in airport before you leave Singapore. Just check on its location in each terminal via its website. I brought boxes to Australia for a Friend without any issue getting it in.

If you love kueh lapis and other Malaysian kueh cakes like kueh talam , these are Malaysian ninja coconut cakes or Indonesian layer cake , at terminal 1 , there is a shop in the airport after immigration , I think also in terminal 2 as well . Makes great gifts and if your delayed a great fulfilling snack . As a tourist they are a must to try.

Love their Kueh Lapis. We enjoyed it every new year growing up. Brought 3 boxes back with me to the States. Tried a piece of the Durian Ambon – the durian flavor was light but the kueh was very dry. The Kueh Dadar and Kueh Talam were soft, moist and delicious – I enjoyed them on the flight home. Oh I absolutely love their Pandan Kaya cake; a heavenly cool treat on a hot day! But it does not hold up to long haul travel.


6 large egg whites, about 220g
170g sugar

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