“People Who Are Always Late Live Longer & Have More Productive Lives” Science’s Suggests.

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There are two types of people. People who are chronically late for everything and the rest of us who have to wait for those chronically late people.

While it might seem counterintuitive, it’s actually not a bad thing to fall into the category of someone who runs late for everything. When we look at the reasons why people tend to be tardy, we see that these reasons are related to the reasons people tend to live longer and the reasons people tend to be highly successful. Really.

If you’re someone who is never late and is always on time or even early for everything, you might think that it would be stressful to be the person who is never on time for anything because to you, it would be terribly stressful. This is not the case.


It turns out that people who tend to run late do so partly because they’re not stressed out by the fact that they may not make it on time. If they were, they’d probably be motivated to stop what they’re doing and leave for their destination earlier.

Stress can cause numerous health problems like depression, stroke and heart disease. People who aren’t stressed out have a much lower risk or getting stress-related illnesses. So, while you might be stressed out while you wait for your friend, your friend is probably totally relaxed.

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