Perfect Pot Stickers

Flip it!

Homemade pot stickers are so versatile–you can fill them with anything you want and as full as you want. And the play between the crispy, crusty bottom, and the tender parts, makes for a truly unique dumpling. These are filled with ground beef, green onions, ginger, and cabbage.

A truly delicious recipe! Personally, I would add less sesame oil next time but that’s my taste preference. Be patient making your wrappers because it is time consuming if you’re a novice like me.

This recipe is the bomb. We like our pot stickers crispy so we deep fried them. For the ginger because three tablespoons is a lot I peeled it and tossed it in my mini food processor. Delish!!

So delicious! I followed the recipe exactly, with one small change — I cooked the ground beef first, on low heat until it was cooked but not browned. Then I added all the other filling ingredients without cooking any further, and chilled that mixture. I found that a small rolling pin was much easier to maneuver than the pie-sized one. But I imagine a tortilla press or something like that would be very helpful. Thanks, Chef John, for another wonderful recipe.

Made dough exact to recipe. Dough came out really nice. Only addition I made was one egg to filling mixture after watching a lot of other videos. Filling was very tasty. I used a little less ginger because my boyfriend is sensitive to the ginger flavor. Will definitely make again. It was a fun group activity to fill and pinch dumplings


1 pound ground beef
4 cloves minced garlic

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