Pistachio cake

Flip it!

There’s nothing fake or artificial in this beautiful pistachio cake. Made from scratch with real pistachio and almond extract flavors, this rustic and chic layered naked cake is adorned with silky cream cheese frosting. Garnish with fresh berries, pistachios, and flowers for a truly remarkable dessert.

Homemade pistachio cake without any pudding mix, artificial coloring, or food coloring?! SAY WHAT. This seriously moist pistachio cake is made with ground pistachios and a hint of almond extract for the perfect subtle pistachio flavor!

You’ll love this homemade pistachio cake with no artificial flavors, food coloring, or pudding mix! This scrumptious pistachio layer cake with cream cheese frosting is the prefect spring cake for all occasions!


4 eggs
280 g sugar
100 gr of liquid cream
80 g butter

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