Pizza Rolls

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Pizza Rolls

Pizza Rolls – Don’t Lose This

For an aperitif, for an original starter or even as a main course for dinner, these little pizzas are perfect for any occasion. They are pizza rolls, that is to say, pizzas rolled on themselves and generously topped with pepperoni. Both crispy and soft, these little pizzas will be a hit with all gourmets!

As the name suggests, pizza rolls are rolled pizzas, in the shape of a snail, simple to share, practical to share for the aperitif. Friendly, vary the toppings: Pepperoni and cheese for a traditional version or for example chorizo and cheese, more spicy, or even stronger cheese: with maroilles or raclette.

For your next dinner party with friends or family, make Pizza Rolls! Simple to make, these little pizza swirls are sure to please everyone!

Pizza Rolls Ingredients

2 tubes of refrigerated pizza crust
garlic salt
Italian seasoning, to taste
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese, to taste

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