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The puddingbrezel is a special kind of pretzel. Made with buttery ‘danish pastry’, filled with a smooth, sweet vanilla pudding. The term danish is connected to a strike among Danish bakers in the 19th century. When bakers from neighboring countries, especially Austria, were invited to work, they brought with them a new kind of dough. As soon as the strike ended, the Danish bakers started to experiment with this new dough adapting it to their needs.

Pudding pretzels (and most other pastries) are typically enjoyed as a morning or afternoon pastry with coffee in Germany, but can really be eaten as a snack any time of the day. I did the Math, and there are less than 300 calories in each pretzel (so a perfectly acceptable double serving pastry ;-). But who is counting calories anyways when it comes to sweets!? Make sure that you don’t wait too long after making these to eat them as they are best enjoyed the day of, when they are super fresh (no preservatives will do that!). I don’t think you should have a problem getting rid of these however!!

This dough technique was called lamination. Although the dough is prepared with yeast, it is processed with cold ingredients. After kneading, it is folded and rolled out again multiple times to achieve the desired fluffy and flaky texture. For successful danish pastry, butter is needed as it works to separate the various layers of the dough as they bake.



1 batch vanilla pudding


9 oz all purpose flour
1 oz fresh yeast…

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