Flip it!

This makes me think of the sopapilla cheesecake with pumpkin that someone brought to our Christmas party last year. I think I’ll make this for this year’s party

This was great! I think I pressed my crust a little too hard because it was tough to cut. Didn’t affect the taste though! Loved it, and love that Elliot loves his baby! 😉 That looks so good and I love that you don’t have to bake it. Love the addition of the gingersnap cookie crust.

I love the layers in this delicious pumpkin dessert. Sounds even better than pumpkin pie.
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Oh my goodness! We made this tonight and it was spectacular!! The only suggestion I have is to make it in a 9×13 pan instead of the 8×8. We followed the directions exactly and it was overflowing in the pan.

GREAT! It is just like streusel topped pie but in a cake pan. It turns out like a pumpkin pie IF you follow the instructions. Use evaporated milk as stated and bake as stated or until you test it with a knife and it comes out clean. I think next time I am going to bake it in a deep dish pie pan and put the streusel on top as this states but maybe use half the streusel amount then. It is quick and easy and will be made by me many times.

This was very tasty! I followed the recipe exactly and I loved it. Only complaint was from my fiance who said the topping was a little salty and he would have rather had pecans instead of walnuts. I will use unsalted butter next time and maybe do half the pan in pecans and the other in walnuts (i liked the walnuts). Other than that I loved this recipe. I will be sure to make this again.

Wow, talk about a great fall dessert! I used a scant cup of sugar based on reviews of the sweetness and I used only a 1/2 cup of melted butter (just seemed like to much). I also had to make my own pumpkin pie spice and I used pecans instead of walnuts. This was a big hit with some carmel cheesecake icecream on the side! Everyone loved it!


1 cup Flour
½ cup Butter (softened)

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