Rhubarb, Strawberry, and Blueberry Cobblerette

Flip it!

Very nice, but don’t eat this warm from the oven if you prefer it firm. It firms up as it cools. I doubled the topping and might just halve the filling next time. I liked it but it made for a lot, and it overflowed my pan. I’m glad I put it on top of the pizza stone, which caught all the juices, but I’m thinking either my pan wasn’t the correct size or this just bubbles up and over a lot.

Either way, there’s still a lot of filling to the doubled topping and I like my cobbler a bit more balanced between topping and filling. Delicious combo, though, and a great use of the rhubarb we got from hubs’ parents.

I made this for a church picnic, and a small one for home. I didn’t have any strawberries so I just used additional blueberries. I also added chopped pecans in the crumb topping. With homemade whipped cream (I use local honey to sweeten the heavy cream) it was a hit. Never made it past the first 25 people going through the buffet line. I will definite be making this again!

This was very good. I used 2 cups blueberries, 1 cup strawberries and 3 1/2 cups rhubarb. My only issue was that the tapioca did not get very soft or thicken very well. Next time I will use cornstarch and more topping.

I have a 5 serving amount baking in the oven right now. I didn’t have raw sugar so I used my vanilla bean infused white sugar. I used 1/2 a tablespoon extra of my instant tapioca for a thicker sauce. I also love cinnamon in the dough, so I doubled that amount. I thought that this didn’t make enough of the dough topping so I doubled that recipe as well. I was wondering how I could use my rhubabrb, strawberries and blueberries all at once so I am really happy to come across this recipe.

It smells amazing and I will attempt to post my result picture after it comes out. *additional comment after pulling out of the oven* Thickened up nicely, didn’t bubble over at all. (that’s a good thing)I baked for 45 minutes, but my oven bakes fast so next time I will go a solid 40 minutes.Just the right amount of sweetness too.


4 cups chopped rhubarb
1 1/2 cups fresh blueberries.

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