Rødgrød Red Berry Pudding

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Rote Grütze is hands down one of my favorite easy German recipes. I make it all the time at home in the US because it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare, I always have berries on hand, and it’s freaking delicious!

If you like German food, authentic German recipes, or are looking for tasty no-bake summer dessert recipes, you’ve got to try this easy and delicious German recipe!

Use tart berries like red currants if you can find them. If you use strawberries instead, reduce the amount of sugar so it isn’t too sweet. There are seemingly limitless variations and many recipes include rhubarb as well.

I am so excited about finding your site. My mother-in-law always made this for the whole family at special dinners and everyone LOVED it. She has been suffering from alzheimer’s for some time now so these recipes had disappeared from our table. This was my favourite and I want to pass it along to our children so thank you for letting us do that. I plan to go through and rediscover some other recipes as well!!



1 cup raspberries
1 cup cherries, seeds removed

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