Flip it!

i love this recipe. the texture of the batter looks so perfectly creamy. and my peanut butter loving son with celiac can eat them since they are flourless. Yay!

Love a great treat once in a while but don’t want to spend a ton of time making it? These no-bake peanut butter cookies are just the thing, and with a hint of caramel, these are extra delicious!

The recipe is really simple and takes almost no time to make. This is actually a great recipe to do with kids or a beginner. There is some stove-top work involved so if you are allowing kids to make these just be sure to supervise.

Smooth salted caramel, crunchy toffee chips, and chocolate wrapped up in super easy No Bake Caramel Cookies! I can’t think of a thing not to love about these cookies!

I love no bake cookies, and I love caramel! I mean who doesn’t right? Today is the first day I’ve been home since my boys started school. That’s right a whole day to do whatever I wanted, ya right! I started with laundry, dishes, sprayed weeds in the yard, payed a few bills, and picked up my boys rooms. I normally make them clean up their own rooms, but today I was proud of them for getting up and practicing the piano without even being asked so I decided I would be a little nice. I had every intention of making cookies for the boys to come home to. The same thing happened to me that always happenes and I got busy doing other things and could see I was running out of time. That’s when I resorted to No Bake Caramel Cookies! Ten minutes later I crossed cookie making off my to do list and moved on to filing.


1/2 cup light Karo Syrup
1/2 cup sugar

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